Dedicated Server – Boosting Authenticity Of Your Business

Planning to give your business a boost? Make sure your sites are hosted on a dedicated server. If you are a large enough organization, you would be able to afford the benefits of the dedicated server, where the resources are dedicated to your site, and not shared with other users.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Why choose a dedicated server?
There are many reasons you want to have a server that solely serves your site or multiple sites. The first being that, it gives you privacy, because other users will not be sharing those resources with you. Also, it offers the best in storage, memory, and RAM because your server’s resources are all yours. You will also have to remember that having sufficient bandwidth is important, because many customers are using your site for crucial functions, and it won’t do to have the site offline if the visitor load becomes too high.

Check the server specifications
Before you choose a dedicated server, you would want to learn more about the technical specifications. These would include type of processor, number of core, core speed, memory, and type of hard drive. You would want to learn about options for data backup, which may be a separate service, but worth the money, as it helps keep your data backed up and this can be useful when the original data is under threat. You would want to check if the server is configured to Windows or Linux OS, and these are some of the things to look for whenever you are planning to find a service provider to rent a dedicated server.

Management options
With dedicated servers, come the greater responsibilities of management. You want to be able to manage the server well, to the best of your ability. This would mean that you would have to delegate extra responsibilities to your IT team. If that is something you want to avoid, you can choose a managed server, where the service provider offers upgrading and monitoring. You might also choose to use semi managed services, ensuring that you can save money but also have some of the more essential tasks handled by the expert engineers at the side of the service provider. If you are managing the server independently, or you are planning to add more tools to your site, or tweak the metrics, you should have root access. This freedom helps businesses add the best specifications to their servers.

Change to a different plan anytime
You cannot always predict the direction your business grows. If the growth is fast and you promptly need more resources, you should be able to choose a different plan with ease. You would also want to be able to migrate to the new plan with ease, and quickly. You should not have to wait days or weeks for the new plan to take hold; instead, the migration should take no more than a few hours. This ensures that your business is not put on hold, while the bandwidth, storage, memory, and other requirements are being assessed.

Security for servers
Your dedicated servers need to be secured on two fronts. The first aspect is physical security for the servers. You would want to find out where the server is stored. The location should be relatively safe, from dangers such as floods or earthquakes. Additionally, it should have adequate power and internet connectivity. The facility where the server is stored must have the right certifications, and be especially built to ensure safety for servers. In addition to security against break in, the servers must also have biometric access to prevent outsiders from getting in. the data center should also offer fire alarms. Climate controlled data centers will inhibit fungal growth and not impair server functioning. Power backup will let the servers function for hours, even in the absence of regular power supply.

As far as security against online attacks or spam is concerned, there should be firewalls, to protect the account. You would want to learn how the firewalls are configured. Also, with a dedicated server hosting plan, you might be looking for email hosting, database hosting, and special purpose plans. For all these you would need anti malware software, and spam filters.
A dedicated server, with its unique IP address, will enhance the credibility of your business. This is one reason you want to use a server especially devoted to your business, with all its resources.

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