ComputeHost Vs Hostgator Vs Rackspace

When you are looking for a comparative analysis among ComputeHost, Rackspace and Hostgator, it is important to analyze their hosting plans and features. ComputeHost is one of the leading providers of cloud hosting services in India. This web hosting provider has been around for more than a decade and continues to offer advanced solutions for client enterprises. They are known for their integrated cloud architecture, Tier III data centers, dedicated technical support facilities and fully managed services. All of their hosting plans are backed by advanced technologies and excellent support systems which makes hosting experiences satisfying for businesses. In comparison, Rackspace is also one of the more reputed cloud hosting providers where each employee is dedicated to offering round-the-clock support, regardless of the size of your organization. Hostgator that was established way back in 2002 continues to be a leading web hosting solutions provider and has earned many awards for their services. They have reliable web hosting plans which can benefit both large businesses and individuals running blogging websites. Hostgator has more than 400,000 clients and continues to provide them with superior products and innovative solutions.

Fast and Effective Solutions: ComputeHost offer a highly scalable platform where you can experience the most advanced cloud technologies. Their cloud servers are fully managed and you can configure the servers through a self-management portal. You can also instantly provision your servers to cater to immediate business requirements. ComputeHost offers that fastest and most flexible cloud hosting solutions through their innate control panel. Cloud servers have the auto-scaling feature which allows them to be scaled up and down depending on the business requirements.

Pricing: ComputeHost supports flexible billing methods; this means that client enterprises will only pay for the resources they are using and nothing extra.  ComputeHost also offers a whole library of useful templates and these are also easily customizable. The Rackspace servers are found to be priced higher in comparison but these will offer the same benefits as both Hostgator and ComputeHost servers. The small-sized business owners may however not find Rackspace packages to be too cost-friendly. Therefore, Rackspace is found to be slightly better for the larger corporations. Hostgator in turn offers many features which will benefit the small business owner like Drupal hosting, WordPress hosting or Magento hosting. Hostgator also offers an additional 4500 free templates, 60 plus scripts and a website builder for free. Both Hostgator and Rackspace offer nearly same prices for their hosting plans but the Basic Plans are costlier. Hostgator offers highly affordable solutions and their Hatchling Plan is priced for only $3.95 per month. The Baby Plan starts at $ 6 per month and you can enjoy SSL certificates, single-click installation and unlimited data transfer.

Security and Reliability: ComputeHost has enterprise-class cloud servers which are protected with multiple security layers; this self-healing infrastructure ensures highest data availability. ComputeHost also offers a unique Automated Server Snapshot feature which allows you to save your current virtual machine state and then return to this at any time later. ComputeHost has a fully-redundant network which means that your site will continue to function without any downtime. Rackspace offers reliable cloud servers but where these are situated is not known; this uncertainty is what discourages businesses from investing in Rackspace hosting solutions because they are not sure whether the host can deliver the uptime it promises. However, Rackspace Managed Security offers protection against Advanced Persistent Threats and they provide threat intelligence to avoid security breaches. Hostgator ensures protection against DDoS attacks through their extensive customized firewalls which are designed to guard servers from different types of threats and attacks. Their data centers are also highly secure and have restricted access.

Customer Service: ComputeHost makes server management easy for their clients and they can handle cloud server deployments fast. You can enjoy round-the-clock technical support from ComputeHost through their live chat facilities, email support and phone calls. Rackspace also provides similar chat facilities, phone call and email assistance. You can also benefit from the Rackspace Community and a Knowledge Center which offers superior technical services. Hostgator on its part also offers excellent customer services with qualified experts that are equipped to resolve any kind of technical glitch.

These comparisons show that ComputeHost ensures that your mission-critical data is kept absolutely secure with their redundant storage facilities. You can literally enjoy the features of dedicated web hosting at the price of shared hosting when you use ComputeHost cloud servers for hosting your websites. Their cloud servers can adapt fast to your fluctuating business requirements and allows you to manage your business operations seamlessly. This is why ComputeHost ranks as one of the best cloud storage providers in the market because they provide enterprise-level cloud servers which let you store and access valuable data anywhere and at any time.  In comparison, Rackspace offers managed databases, website hosting, email hosting, managed security and ecommerce solutions. With Hostgator, you can be assured of a high network uptime and round-the-clock support from their experts when it comes to hosting your first website or developing your existing sites. They even offer a 45-day money-back guarantee which lets you discontinue their plans if you are not satisfied with their services.

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