CloudOYE Cloud VS Google Cloud Vs Amazon Cloud

CloudOYE cloud servers refer to virtual machines which can offer you resizable resources. CloudOYE cloud hosting solutions offer you a simple interface through which you can create and run cloud servers. Client enterprises have to pay only for the resources they use and they can avail of all computing resources to satisfy their unique business needs. Resources may also be conveniently upgraded and downgraded depending on their needs. Amazon Cloud refers to commoditized cloud services through the Amazon Weba Services which was started in 2004. Since then, it has been adding features with innovations which have resulted in a wide range of solutions for clients. Google came into this domain later and is slowly coming at par with Amazon, creating their own infrastructure and providing attractive deals for customers.

With CloudOYE, you can benefit from quick server deployment within minutes. The cloud nodes in CloudOYE have been based upon 64-bit architecture to guarantee higher speed. Even if a cloud server fails to function, the site is instantly shifted to another new node to make sure the site is always online. CloudOYE cloud hosting solutions are also highly scalable and you can get additional RAM, CPU and data storage for your website whenever you need these. You are also free to downgrade resources when you do not need them.

In comparison, Amazon offers a wide range of services because it successfully builds on multiple opportunities for various needs. So, there are specific tools to stream and transcode media, four different relational databases, managed Directory Service etc. All the different services are well-integrated offering a comprehensive cloud service as long as you do not have reservations about locking yourself with one vendor only. On the other hand, Google Cloud offers limited products primarily focusing on the traditional PaaS and IaaS services. Google mainly focuses on PaaS solutions as App Engine was the first service launched by them. An area where Google Cloud is perhaps strong is in Big Data; Big Query lets you analyze huge amounts of data within record time and also offers real-time insights into the datasets.

To make it big in today’s super-competitive market, it is necessary to make your business agile and projects have to be completed in record time. This will ensure faster launches and your business can respond better to market changes. CloudOYE cloud solutions make this possible by reducing server complexity. CloudOYE also makes use of the most advanced technologies and superior hardware with servers from branded manufacturers like Dell and HP. These are equipped to use power of the high-end Intel Xeon processors. CloudOYE data centers are also designed with superior infrastructure and marked by high-end security, faster service time, better innovations, and lower integration costs. They have come up with solutions for different kinds of industries like retail, IT, finance etc. Data storage solutions are supported by NetApp that offers Tier III architecture to guarantee high-end performance.

CloudOYE also offers customized solutions and you can scale up and down your plans depending upon the demands. Their multi-layered security provisions also help to protect your physical assets, cyber assets and keeps away disruptions. With CloudOYE you can be confident about getting 24×7 technical supports through live chat facilities, emails and toll-free phone calls. With Google Cloud, you can actually enjoy the pay per use concept properly because the Google Compute Engine will bill you in minute-level increments. This turns out to be very beneficial when you have to scale a rather complex infrastructure to take care of small traffic bursts. Moreover, it has load balancers which do not require any kind of pre-warming. The Amazon cloud load balancers, on the other hand, are not equipped to handle too many requests. GCE balancers are capable of scaling instantly whenever they notice sudden traffic spikes.

CloudOYE has data centers in the US and India currently. Google Cloud still lacks widespread distribution, being located in Asia, the US and Europe compared to 11 regions supported by the AWS. Amazon also offers a wider range of operating systems. When you sign up with CloudOYE you can get the benefits of advanced solutions and well-equipped data centers for its ever-increasing clientele. This cloud hosting provider has won many awards for their services and has experience of over a decade. They have successfully guaranteed a high uptime and offered a comprehensive range of good networking services that are very affordable. Customers have enjoyed a rather rewarding hosting experience with CloudOYE and it is headed in just the right direction to give Google and Amazon Cloud a run for their money.
Along with Google, Amazon, Rackspace etc. CloudOYE has successfully become one of the top-notch cloud hosting providers in the world today.

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