Cloud hosts: Which is better – a big player, or a small one?

There is a cut-throat competition in the Cloud hosting marketplace, with Amazon leading the race. Unquestionably, its presence is almost global and more importantly growing gradually by adding new features or cutting prices or managing to provide solutions to meet almost everyone’s needs. Amazon is not, of course, the only big name, but is closely followed by other giants like – Rackspace, HP and Google. They are leading the market, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most economical or provide state-of-the-art technical support, or the fastest processing, or the easiest management console, but they have BIG NAMES in the market. Lack of services or unaffordability of big players carves favorable circumstances for the development of medium or small players.

Cloud hosts

Small players keep trying to differentiate themselves from big players by geographical locations, offering inexpensive solutions, by some unique features, by solid technical support, and by various other reasons. These smaller players can also offer you more bandwidth or more SSD options that big players can’t. Those are enough reasons that make them alternatives to the big names. There are several medium-sized players in the market offering amazing services, and that too at the most affordable prices.

Based on several years of industry experience and extensive research, I would recommend customers to choose from reliable small players, such as – ComputeHost, CloudOYE, DialWebhosting or Go4hosting. If customer support and prices are the criteria, ComputeHost is the best Cloud hosting provider in India. It has been able to manage to meet the expectations of its clients by offering inexpensive and unmatched services. It keeps adhering to the latest innovations in the hosting sphere, adding newest features and cutting prices to keep contenders on its toes.

ComputeHost provides world-class services to its clients through its three ultra-modern green data centers dispersed across the different non-seismic zones and backed by 24*7 solid technical support capable of providing instant solutions.

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