Cloud Hosting India – Consider a Responsible and Responsive Attitude

Most business houses of today, small or large, are taking to the cloud for seamless functionality, competent business processes and a sharper competitive edge. However, migrating to the cloud with the help of a service or solution provider for cloud hosting in India is not as simple as you perhaps think. In fact, it could be a life changing decision for your company. And this is why it would be extremely important to prepare yourself well for this change.

Being Responsible Counts

Well, migrating to the cloud could involve multiple controls, evaluations of service providers and plans coupled with impact studies. This means that plenty of knowledge gathering would be important for you as a customer before you can actually jump on to the bandwagon of cloud hosting India. To begin with, you will need to have a basic understanding of the types of hosting plans available to you. This will help you in making intelligent and well evaluated choices. We look at some types here.Cloud-hosting-2

Types of Hosting Plans

Well, there are primarily three types of plans for cloud hosting in India or anywhere else for that matter, to choose from. These are:

  • Shared Hosting Plans: This solution where you share server space and pay rent for the amount of space occupied. This is perhaps one of the most economical ways to start a website since resources are shared.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS is recommended as the next stage after shared hosting. So, if you think your business has outgrown the shared hosting model, you can graduate to VPS hosting. Here, your website or your data would be placed on the same server as other web interfaces; however, the extent of sharing would be less, guaranteeing privacy. Also, you will be offered admin or root access to your own system, in a completely virtualized environment.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Well, you can afford a solution for dedicated hosting in India; you will be able to afford a full server for your company or website. This would be the recommended route for cloud hosting in India for those with custom requirements. Like for instance, if your business is dealing with over sensitive data or have specific requirements which might interfere with others, you may opt for this form of hosting. Remember however that opting for dedicated server hosting could be an expensive affair. Most small companies or business houses find it exceedingly difficult to provide for it and comprehensive cost planning is required for the same.

Being Prepared

Once you have come to terms with the different options available for cloud hosting in India, it’s time to prepare yourself some more for choosing the best hosting model. Like for instance, implementers of cloud hosting must know the associated repercussions of moving to the cloud before actually taking the plunge. Especially, security parameters, certifications awarded to the service provider, point of controls, setting realistic expectations and loads more. It is about being thoroughly prepared for taking the leap.

Most businesses of today make the mistake of taking to cloud hosting in India thinking that it would be a solution to all their problems and snags. They feel, hosting all the data on the cloud would lead to hefty savings almost instantly too! This is far from true. Although opting for cloud hosting would shift some of the capital costs to operating expenditures, it does not necessarily mean that the expenses overall, would be reduced instantly. Yes, the expense model will become more flexible and tweaks can be made for reducing costs. However, such adjustments would certainly take time and it would be important to be patient.

In most cases implementing teams engaged in small or medium sized companies become over enthusiastic with their cloud hosting plans, running through the entire process in a hurry. They never engage a research and analysis exercise for getting to the root of the matter and analyze the positives and negatives. This leads to half baked success in their efforts.

The Right Path

The right path is one that is supported by hard work and depends on raw fasts and information alone. Cloud hosting in India would offer several options to choose from. Consider planning your pick wisely before you proceed.

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