Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting Provider

Cloud computing” is the talk of the hour! For the records, it is a novel technology comprising of web-based data storage services. This service has been giving organizations across the globe an extra edge on the business front. Additionally, it also takes care of organizational privacy needs and manages critical customer data.

Cloud Hosting India

Through tailor-made choices available in cloud computing packages, higher agility, 99.99% efficiency and superior flexibility are some of the service offerings that global firms are benefitting from. Profits on the business front due to stunted IT costs are also the result of cloud hosting services offered by service providers situated in India.yy

Some key deciding factors that are essential for evaluating vendors of cloud server hosting services are as follows:

Safe Infrastructure:

The service provider must render a secure infrastructure. In that case, all client-related data needs to be duly isolated from other clients in the same bracket. This ideally means that every server, network and backup device must contain encapsulated data. Moreover, this data needs to be malware secure and the provider must have a duly approved physical security plan backing the same.

Access Control:

The cloud server hosting provider must appropriately handle provisioning i.e. there must to be a hassle-free methodology for adding accounts, changing accounts as well as for revoking employee access rights. Similar monitoring tools must be available for controlling all data control and modification priviledges. Ideally, all of this is managed through a level based access-control approach.

Information fortification:

The cloud hosting plan should enable encryption of sensitive trade-related data. This is a very critical feature because all this data gets migrated to the cloud and stays either ‘in transit’ or in ‘storage’ states. While some of the information is structured, there are chances for a part of it to remain in an unstructured form. That is why all the data needs to be properly fortified.There must be no chance of a data leakage. Ensure that there is a policy and a fully-fledged software tool to check data leaks. In case it is not provided by the cloud hosting company, consult the provider regarding tools available in the market that are compatible.

Data forensics:

This would comprise of controlling data that cannot be physically controlled.

Auditing and Reporting:

The cloud hosting provider needs to have a proper mode of reporting. This routine should comply with all data privacy laws and must be robust enough to meet all internal processes as well as external regulatory requirements.

In an ideal world, a cloud hosting service must align with all organizational policies as well as comply with crucial data security challenges of a business. That is the reason why choose a provider only when it complies with the above enlisted points.

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