Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting for your E-commerce store means Added Security and Lower Cost

The immense growth of Internet and the limitless potential it holds for your business has made e-commerce a very happening industry. Research and studies reveal that e-commerce sales could reach over $100 billion by the year 2017. The massive expansion of online retailing means that every business in this sector must ensure their shop front is efficient.

When you have made your website the primary source of your revenue, you must understand that every moment and every visitor counts.  It is therefore imperative for you to choose the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store. A service provider with the requisite knowledge and technical expertise can ensure that your website operates flawlessly and the IT infrastructure that supports it also remains highly efficient.

The performance of the server hosting your e-commerce site is going to determine to a great extent how successful your website it and how it fulfils its role of providing a steady stream of revenue.  The infrastructure that supports your website is the real life blood of any store. Choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store as such is no longer a matter of choice but it is a necessity.  One of the most important thing a quality service provider ensures is the speed of the connection. This is important as your customer may decide to move on to your competitor’s site if your service is too slow for their liking. Moreover quality search engines like Google penalises those sites that have a slow loading and response time.

Ecommerce WebsitesAs mentioned above, every single moment counts when you are operating an e-commerce site. Time is of essence and downtime is loss of money. If your shop isn’t available, your conversion rate is going to be zero. Keeping all these important factors in mind we are now going to talk about all those important criteria and parameters that needs a closer scrutiny when you are out on the mission for choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store.

Some of the important things you need to pay attention to before hiring the services of a quality cloud server hosting provider are as following:

Higher levels of scalability

The charm of cloud computing to a significant extent can be attributed to its scalability. Often referred to as “elastic”, cloud hosting allows a business to effectively and efficiently deal with the sudden spikes in network traffic. Your cloud hosting service provider should rate high on factor of scalability. This assumes added importance for e-commerce sites that witness additional rush during holiday or festival season. Even new product launches sometimes result in heavy online traffic. A website crashing during such occasions owing to increased load on the server could spell doom for your business. It is therefore imperative that you choose a service provider that can efficiently meet the need of additional resources to meet sudden spikes in traffic occurring for short intervals.

yyOnce that special event or season is over and the traffic returns back to normal, your service provider should have the provision for easily downgrading your resources requirement so that there is no shortage or wastage of resources with increase or decrease in website traffic.

Higher levels of cost saving

While choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store, you naturally will have the cost factor in your mind.  This is not hard to decipher as cost is generally one of the prime reason for an organization to move to the clouds. The cost associated with designing and developing an e-commerce website may be low in comparison to the hardware and bandwidth requirement for successfully running that e-commerce site. Small businesses always have an eye on costs and the service provider that provides them with the best service at affordable cost is going to be heir preferred choice.

Higher levels of security

Choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store invariably translates into better security cover for your website. Quality service providers more or less guarantee the same level of security that can be expected from a standalone dedicated platform.  A lot many experts agree that the best security practice offered by a virtual machine is equal to if not greater than, most on premise IT solutions. Security in fact is one of the most important things that need your maximum attention.  Don’t forget, taking customer payments will mean that your business has to be fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Fewer risks

Choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your e-commerce store also means the lesser amount of risks for your e-commerce site. The risk of data loss owing to some unforeseen event or disaster is mitigated to a great extent.  Data back ups are sometimes provided as standard, otherwise you may need to ask for them or even install your own backup client. The data is stored in remote locations and they can be easily accessed through the net to ensure continuity in business operations.

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