Choosing the best Company for Joomla Hosting

Owing to its excellent reliability and ease of use, Joomla is being used to host multiple sites for small and medium business houses. If you own a Joomla site as well, you will need to ensure that the best hosting company has been engaged for hosting your website. And owing to the fact that several companies would be willing to share their expertise with you, choosing the best could be the most daunting of all tasks. There are some specific aspects to look into for ensuring the best choice. Here are some of the most important questions to ask while evaluating a Joomla hosting provider.

Before you can proceed with the queries, you will need to understand the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled for setting up a Joomla site.

Basic Joomla Hosting Guide

The basic requirements for Joomla hosting are particularly simple. For instance, the requirements for 2.5x, 1.7.x and 1.6.x would be MySQL 5.0.4 and PHP 5.2.4. A majority of web hosting companies will be offering this. However, if this makes you feel that landing the best host for your Joomla website is an easy task, it is far from true. If you are looking for a great hosting company that qualifies as affordable, fast and reliable, and possesses a set of rich features for empowering all the potential of your website, it could well be a tough task. However, there is no reason to believe that one cannot zero in on one such option.

It simply means that you should be paying special attention to the items mentioned below and also those related to Joomla hosting. All a customer requires is the right approach to evaluate the available service providers.

Some Questions before Choosing a Service Provider for Joomla Hosting in India

The most important questions you need to ask include:

1.Which one should be your choice of preferred operating system?—Well, although the choice would largely depend on your preference as a customer and also on your levels of proficiency, experts suggest that Linux would be a preferred choice over Microsoft for Joomla hosting. Although both PHP and MySQL would also run fine on Windows, both Apache and Linux have proved to be faster, far more reliable and cheaper. So, if you do not have a special dislike for Linux per se, it seems to be the better choice for hosting your Joomla site.

2.Looking for Apache_ Mod Rewrite is Important: Although not having a mod_rewrite is also an option and you do not need it per se, today, creating a website that is friendly to search engines is also an option. Having good online search engine rankings is important and highly critical for business success. If you use Apache Mod Rewrite, you can enable the option for SEO URLs in your Joomla website.
3.The PHP Configuration is Also Important: The value of the limit of PHP memory will be deciding on the maximum amount of memory that the PHP script would be allowed to allocate. For Joomla hosting, you will need a PHP limit of 32MB. If your website has large images embedded in contents, you could need a memory limit of 64MB. This is also essential for enhanced Joomla security.
4.Customer Support that is Joomla Friendly: You need a website that provides customer support that is Joomla friendly. You should be able to contact your customer service team as and when you need to. And most importantly, you should be able to get in touch with the person who can answer your questions perfectly. Simply having someone on the other side of the phone is not enough. You will need to have answers to your questions.

Some Benefits of Joomla Hosting

Some basic advantages of Joomla Hosting include:

It is Cheaper: Setting up Joomla hosting is cheaper than hosting most other websites. Therefore, it does prove to be an ideal option for those beginning with a hosting plan. They can save as much as possible.

It is Easy to Maintain: Maintaining a Joomla website is easy. You do not need highly specialized technical expertise for the same. Considering that Joomla is known for being easy to use, it is but natural that maintaining such an highly advanced website would be easy.

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