Why You Should Choose VPS Hosting For Drupal?

Most web hosting service providers have been found to make tall claims when it comes to talking about their products and services. For smaller sites using the CMS Drupal, shared hosting plans may work well; however, these do not offer the amount of power that is required to run a relatively larger website using Drupal. It is important to understand that this CMS or Content Management System will make constant calls to databases and therefore needs many simultaneous connections which automatically use up a lot of processing power. This explains why you must choose VPS hosting plans for Drupal websites because you can then get reliable hosting solutions and uptime guarantees to help your website grow easily.

Why is VPS hosting preferable for Drupal sites?


When you choose VPS hosting for your website from a reliable VPS hosting provider, you will be given reliable and powerful servers and high-end equipments backed by top-class services. These are capable of meeting the demands of all kinds of clients, regardless of how demanding their sites may be. VPS hosting refers to a type of web hosting where a single server is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers. Each such server runs its own version of the operating system. Users are free to install applications and software that they feel will benefit their business. They have root access to the server and can reconfigure the server if required to cater to their business interests. So, with VPS hosting, you can basically enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server minus the high costs.

Drupal-VPS-HostingIs VPS hosting a better choice for hosting Drupal compared to shared hosting?

  • It is a known fact that shared hosting plans are much cheaper than either VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. However, at the same time, shared hosting will not be able to grant you the kind of freedom and flexibility you need to operate a Drupal website. So, for the webmasters who run a Drupal site, it is easier to work with VPS hosting plans because they may not get permissions they need in order to set up new extensions or install new packages on their servers. This will not only limit growth of the website especially as the technology continues to advance, it will also imply that the site using Drupal will not run with shared hosing plans.
  • In case users decide to choose shared hosting for Drupal sites, they must ensure that configurations and modules which Drupal needs are made available to your servers. This will include supports for PHP 5.2.5, PHP memory limits of 16MB in case of Drupal 6 and 32MB for Drupal 7. When the Drupal site uses high memory modules such as image cache, the shared host must offer memory limit that is higher.
  • As far as storage options are concerned, shared hosting appears to offer more. The VPS hosting plans will give you approximately 10-25GB storage space. In comparison, the cheaper shared hosting plans also offer unlimited disk storage. But the truth is, that this is more of a marketing gimmick. This is because although the shared hosts promise unlimited storage, they drastically reduce memory quantity and CPU resources. So, the clients are basically not in a position to make proper use of that “unlimited” space. Moreover, Drupal sites also involve very high memory usage and CPU usage; this is why shared hosting may not be viable for these sites. These websites running Drupal are better off with VPS hosting plans.

How can you get quality VPS hosting for the Drupal websites?

You will need to get a provider which can offer a wide array of customer support services for their clients. This implies round-the-clock technical supports through live chats, emails and phone calls. The cloud VPS hosting plans may be a rather effective solution which will let the user get huge amounts of resources and freedom to install or configure the software according to their needs.

When you are a newcomer, choosing shared hosting will help save you costs. Moreover, you are spared of the responsibility of looking after the server and handling technical issues related to it. The web hosting service will ensure that all technical glitches are resolved without delays. However, when the traffic starts to grow, you may face a lot of trouble because the hosting plans will not be able to manage it. This is when VPS hosting from reputed web hosts can come to your rescue. VPS hosting will allow you to maximize your performance and you will not need to spend extra money on buying additional hosting plans. This is why the provider should have excellent administration skills backed by rich experience in this hosting type. You can compare the rates of VPS plans from multiple providers and then make a choice based on your needs and budget.

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