Choices of WordPress Hosting platforms for Businesses

Small businesses find using a content management system (CMS) a versatile and simple way to build their websites. WordPress has been found to be a widely used CMS application for creating websites, blogs and e-commerce websites, social communities and corporate websites. WordPress developers create and provide many widgets, themes, designs and tools that have given the users with plenty of choices. WordPress hosting is a platform that will help a growing business develop their site without any hindrance. The hosting providers normally offer a one-click install Web control panels to make things easier. It is better to use the Web Administrator that the host normally provides while installing a website as manual installation is a little complicated. It is ideal software for the first time website users and an inexpensive one too. A PHP 5.2.4 version or higher and MySQL version of 5.0 or higher application is a must for WordPress.

WordPress hosting does not require any technical knowledge. The URLs, RSS Feeds, post categories, sticky pages and media are all SEO oriented and comes with a friendly user-interface and is easy for the content writers to use any time and make their contributions without any hindrance. WordPress comes with templates that offer easy edits and amendments. The application is free and with a variety of plugins and free themes available it has found a huge following. There are some premium plugins and add-ons that come with a fee. It does need resources and as and when the client keeps adding content, the requirement for resources keep increasing. This is a crucial point that every client has to keep in mind when searching for a WordPress hosting platform. A new business can start with shared hosting but the hosts will surely advice to go in for an enhanced hosting platform for better and smooth performance.

The different types of web hosting platforms are as follows:

Shared WordPress hosting is the most economical and widely used option. All the computing resources like server, RAM, space, bandwidth are shared among numerous users. It is an ideal solution for beginners and low traffic bloggers but growing businesses may find the features limited and consider upgrading to better platforms. It also is vulnerable to security threats. The host is responsible for the maintenance and management of the server and thus makes the platform more cost effective as the clients need not hire any technically qualified staff.

VPS server WordPress hosting is a newer platform that has come as an ideal solution for the small, medium and large businesses. Like in a shared hosting, the server and resources are shared among the users but each of the users gets the facilities and features that a dedicated hosting customer gets. Here a large physical server is split into smaller virtual partitions or cabinets and allotted to the users. The customers get an independent IP address that secures them from other users and since they share the resources the expenses are divided amongst the users and it works out to be quite cost-effective in comparison to the dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server WordPress hosting is a platform where there is only one customer using the server and other resources for their individual business. The customer may be having many websites or their website many be attracting heavy traffic on a regular basis and they cannot afford to be offline at any time. The business could be dealing with some sensitive and confidential data that needs high level security. Only a dedicated server can assure them this security as the server is not accessible to anybody else except the client.

Another effective WordPress hosting solution is through the managed hosting. This is a new concept created by the various web hosting companies keeping in view the large number of WordPress users. The host takes the responsibility of providing services against all types of issues including speed, security, memory, space daily backups, server monitoring, scalability and round the clock support. The clients can concentrate on developing their website and an ideal solution for all websites.

WordPress hosting India companies are not lagging behind in any way. They have plenty of features to offer to their clients like pre-installed plugins, daily server backups, health monitoring, automated updates and round the clock technical support from the WordPress technical experts.

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