Checklist to Choose Right SSL Certificate for Your Site

The internet was created with aspiration to linking individual and machines to make easy flow of point-to-point communication. However, it was not happened as it was meant for, online thieves can grab data if they left encrypted or unchecked. Even business competitors can penetrate websites or alter files and may disrupt ongoing services. In this case, the steeplechase communication cannot exist without secured connection.

In this article, we will go through a current security protocol named HTTPS (SSL) and worth considering facts while choosing right SSL certificate for your business.


Value of SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate is like a bridge that provides strong encryption to ongoing information and enables individuals and organizations to discover the power of the global web.

  • SSL can be useful to shop owner who wish to conduct business online and expand business horizon to sell online stuffs.
  • Healthcare providers need to safe personally identifiable information (PII) of customers.
  • Large organizations for smooth internal communication over mail may approach SSL certificate.
  • Google is also giving ranking advantage to SSL secured website, so webmaster has more chances to get higher ranking as well give assurance to users by implementing SSL.
  • Organizations can prevent its servers from unauthorized intrusion and secure server-to-server communication.
  • Even financial institutions and ecommerce industry is seeking online security as they have large customer base who daily transact online. For those platforms, EV SSL certificate is best-suited security that instill trust as well provides strong encryption.

Things to consider before buying an SSL Certificate

Quality of Encryption: You should check encryption strength like SHA-256 bit RSA encryption, which binds online information to avoid data sniffing. Moreover, the root encryption strength should be 2048-bit as per the CA/Browser guideline. The reason to upgrade encryption strength is to avoid threats that are becoming panic for almost organizations. The CA/B forum has also compelled to use ECC 256-bit cryptography, which is short in length and is stronger than 2048-bit key length. ECC-256-bit is equal to 3072-bit key length.

Customer Support: The responsibility of a certificate authority is to not only sell products but assists customers from beginning to end for example, CSR generation, certificate validation, and certificate installation. In this process, the CA has to take care that the encryption used is up to modern standard and is safe against modern threats and vulnerability. Additionally, CA has to provide useful tools to make

SSL Management: After purchasing the certificate, it may happen that a buyer is a newbie in SSL industry and should have support in certificate management as the renewal, reissuance, cancellation play a big part in certificate lifecycle. For that, the certificate provider has to offer easy certificate management and it should be integrated into company’s system.

SSL Compatibility: The CA that issue certificate should be compatible with modern browsers, servers and operating systems as compatibility is essential for any SSL certificate. The SSL certificate should have faster loading time of website and have OCSP checksum for SSL certificate revocation check.

Trustworthiness of CAs: The trustworthiness of CA can be measured by not only its name but also with different tasks like tech support, installation, certificate revocation, breach detection, etc. thus, the reputation of a CA depends upon every aspect of certificate lifecycle. The best CA can instill trust in its customers by providing safety and trust in securing cyber properties.

Extended Validation Certificate: Most Trusted One

Apart from domain and organization validation, Extended Validation (EV) certificate is one of the best certificates that have gained popularity among enterprises, ecommerce and banking and payment industry. A green bar certificate is enough to assure site visitors and customers about website authenticity. Customers can click on the address bar to know in depth detail of the certificate to understand the certificate much better.

Extended Validation is essential where large amount of credentials and payment is exchanged over the website hence, data sniffers can steal data from unsecure website that is not safe with EV SSL certificate. The certificate authority carries stringent verification process while issuing the certificate hence protects against phishing frauds.


Security breach is a severe situation for any business (small or large) and SSL is an ideal answer that to somewhat extend fulfills business security needs. An ideal SSL certificate should include robust encryption, vulnerability scanner; self-managed tools, automation process, best tech support and these entire things will give a best end user experience.

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