An Overview of CMS Hosting

Choosing a content management system (CMS) for any type of website is a crucial decision that a customer has to take. It is a web hosting software that comes with multiple features and functions to manage the content in websites. The content could be in the form of articles, blogs, video and audio presentations, press releases, events and more that can be termed as a part of the publishing system. CMS hosting makes it possible to maintain the content however large in a systematic and organized way to look more attractive and eye catching. The visitors will it easy to navigate and search for the content they want in a faster way. The client can also make any amendments and additions to the content without any hassles.


CMS Hosting

Features of CMS platform:

CMS hosting is available in various forms that can be used for constructing and managing a website and it varies depending on the nature of business they intent to run. Web designers prefer to use the open source CMS for erecting an elegant website. The added advantage for the customers is that all the CMS platforms have their own community of contributors and developers who keep adding and updating the respective CMS. They also help and assist newcomers through forums and technical advises. Installation and setting up these platforms are very easy and can be done with just 1 click.

A few such CMS platforms that are commonly used are as follows. Hosted CMSs like Webvanta, Vae and Business Catalyst are also widely used and organizations using them are assured of support from the providers and they also offer reseller packages.

1. WordPress: It is an open source application and very popular among the bloggers. It is also one of the widely used forms of CMS hosting and offers an exhaustive list of plugins and themes. It has the largest community of followers and developers.

2 Joomla: It is open source software and widely used to build, manage and publish content in websites and mobile applications. About 9 percent of the CMS market share is taken by this platform of CMS.

3. Drupal: Drupal is free software and the ideal CMS hosting platform to build and maintain a website. It is widely used for managing good content with videos and is also used as a backend system for all types of websites from a simple writing platform to a large corporate website. It is an open source structure and uses the PHP format.

4. Geeklog: It is a MYSQL based software and offers protection against spam and has many more important features. Customized alterations can be made to its functions with some community developed plugins like forums, image galleries etc. It is popularly used as a format for track backs and comments.

5. Post Nuke: It is widely used for installing blocks, modules and themes.

6. B2Evolution: It is mainly popular for its uses like anti spam filters, multiple blogs, online books, photo albums, pages and manuals.

7. Alfresco: It is a powerful CMS hosting platform used at the corporate and enterprise level for businesses having lot of documentation and operations.

A few advantages of the CMS platform are as follows.

CMS hosting India clients are assured of different levels of customizable caching. The CMS platforms can also be applied on the cloud environment too offering highest level of performance. It is compatible with other technologies like mobile applications, ERPs, CRM systems and social networks. It is very cost effective with the ready to use connectors.CMS ensures stability even during peak time traffic spikes with optimum performance.

CMS hosting offers advanced security management. There are times when there could be different users accessing the website. CMS controls the movement and restricts accessibility with some customizable content permission modules, and pre-authentication options.

It gives the flexibility to the customers to revert back to their previously using formats in case they are not comfortable with any updated or upgraded version of workflow process. CMS equips the users with optimized customer centric online marketing tools that can reach multiple locations across the globe. CMS hosting offers multi lingual support for organizations that have business centers in different parts of the world. Customers can access the websites through their mobile devices. CMS allows flexible mobile website applications. The most crucial point is that they are available round the clock through their customer service team.

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