AMD is taking Intel’s latest gen processors head on

The intense rivalry between two giants of the hardware industry has divided the Cyberverse into different factions. Intel and AMD might be different when you consider their specifications and firepower but their destinies have always been intertwined. The rivalry was at its peak in 2000 when the companies constantly tried to outdo each other to cash in on market shares. AMD did have the edge or a while until they collapsed with a some ill advised architectural changes, acquisitions and unneeded maneuvers letting Intel steamroll ahead to the modern day scenario where it maintains a comfortable distance from it.


Intel’s X86 chips are found in most computers and servers across the planet and according to Mercury Research Intel holds a comfortable 87.7 percent of market share in the end of the 2015 (fourth quarter) while AMD follows the lead with a measly 12.1 percent.

As of now, AMD has pulled of some new tricks. They have slowed down their heavy reliance on the PC industry and are digging their heels into the newer technology such as their recent advances to provide customized processors for Playstations and Xbox.Meanwhile, AMD has something that Intel is unable to beat- their top-notch FirePro and Radeon GPUs. At an age when PC sales are slumping but gaming accessories are skyrocketing, Graphic processors are sold hot off the shelves. Intel may have an impressive array of CPUs but AMD brings its own fire power with hardware technologies that can rival Nvidia and at areas- even outclass it.


AMD’s answer to Intel Skylark

With Intel beating them to the latest generation first, AMD hopes to take the fight to them with its latest “7th class” processors for its Computers. The latest entrant from AMD stables is code-named “Bristol Ridge” will be initially manufactured and shipped out in dual core and quad core specifications.  The HP’s Envy X360 laptop will be among the first computers to come up with Bristol Ridge on board this year.

We have never been fans of AMD’s older chips and Bristol Ridge seems to be the bridge to its flagship “Zen” chips which are anticipated to bring in a much desired reboot to its PC chip business. AMD triumphs with massive firepower in the graphics hardware department and duly states the new chips are 50 percent capable than rival Intel Skylake processors and 40 percent CPU performance skating ahead on its rival on paper. It will be the first among the line of AMD processors to support DDR4 memory which was long due.


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