Affordable VPS hosting Plans Empower Businesses with Scalability & Autonomy

It is not possible to continue to stay in shared hosting environment for longer time. This is primarily because, growing businesses may feel resource crunch leading to slowdown in website performance.

VPS hosting- the right choice for small and mid-sized companies

Moreover, for small and even some of the medium sized organizations, hosting their websites on dedicated servers may not be feasible. VPS hosting can provide the perfect solution in such situation.

In order to understand how VPS environment can fulfill growing needs of enterprises, let us see what virtual private server (VPS) is. It is in essence a server or group of virtual servers built on one physical server.

VPS is created by segmentation of physical server into multiple virtual servers that can run on their own individual operating systems. Every single VPS can be independently operated, rebooted, or booted.

This partially dedicated kind of environment can empower you with multiple benefits that can be availed only in dedicated server hosting.

VPS hosting is an ideal choice for many entrepreneurs due to the kind of control it offers. You may be offered root access to server and have freedom to run scripts unlike in case of shared hosting.

Advantages of VPS environment

Virtual private servers act as bridge between shared and dedicated servers. In doing so, VPS hosting empowers users with almost all resources of dedicated hosting at slightly higher costs than shared hosting services.

Virtual private server is not prone to any intrusions or disruptions. Users can install applications or programs of their choice and can even upgrade resources to match their business growth objectives.

Users need not invest heavily in order to avail services of established VPS hosting provider in India, as compared to dedicated hosting. This type of semi-dedicated hosting is ideal as a stepping stone before one is ready to try full-fledged dedicated hosting.

Thanks to amazing growth of virtualization technology, there are many reputed hosting companies offering VPS hosting services at economical rates.

We can list some of the striking advantages of VPS hosting as follows:

  • Better control with root access
  • Scalability of services
  • Economical plans
  • Security
  • Flexibility to choose OS and other software
  • No burden of hardware maintenance

VPS Server

Essential aspects of VPS server hosting

Principal driving force behind evolution of virtual private server is the need for better computing resources by optimizing costs. Users are not required to purchase severs and look after maintenance and management with managed VPS server hosting plans. In-house positioning of physical servers can also consume valuable resources of space and manpower.

Conventional VPS server hosting involves physical server virtualization. It is slightly different than cloud VPS. Cloud VPS hosting utilizes cloud resources for seamless website performance even in the event of traffic surge. It is also reckoned for ease of migration as well as supreme scalability.

VPS hosting services are mainly categorized as managed and unmanaged hosting. If the user prefers to manage server operations and has the required technical expertise to do so, then unmanaged VPS can empower you with total control on virtualization machine of your VPS.

Users with no or limited technical expertise can choose unmanaged VPS server. It is also ideal for gaining freedom from the hassles of server management to focus on vital aspects of business.

VPS server applications

There are many uses of VPS hosting due to the distinct benefits such as multi-user applications and so forth. Virtual private servers can be used for backing up of data due to availability of extra space.

VPS can be a great resource for testing and development. Many users use two separate virtual private servers for running website and for simulation of various test environments by using same machine.

Virtual private server hosting plans can offer multiple features, depending on the hosting service provider. These customizable plans are much more cost effective and highly affordable in comparison with dedicated hosting. VPS servers can be easily scaled up to accommodate business requirements. Users select suitable port for business operations and install compatible applications as well as software of their choice.

Leading providers of VPS hosting services ensure 99.95 percent network uptime and provide seamless security measures to protect business critical applications. Some of these hosts can also support users with data backup or disaster recovery solutions. On demand services on cloud servers ensure flawless performance, business agility, and reliability.

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