Affordable and Economical Cloud Servers in India

Cloud computing is the result of a never ending quest for developing a highly reliable system of hosting which can ensure safety of data and delivery of near 100 percent uptime.

Every organization generates a lot of data. Large organizations also have voluminous data, most of which could be sensitive and which forms the crucial base of its critical and routine functions. Safety and security of this data could not be left to mercy of a few servers which were not infallible to physical crashes. At the front end, which the customers viewed or used, the inefficient servers could deliver a highly irritating response time which could destroy the prospects of a growing business.

It was in the backdrop of these and many other limitations that concept of cloud computing originated. It was aimed to improve the computation power of the computer systems many folds so that supreme user experience is rendered. At the same time, it improved the safety of servers.

Cloud computing requires huge investments to the tune of millions or billions of dollars for developing a system of multiple servers, interconnected with one another on the backbone of a strong and high bandwidth internet and support of load balancers.

Since huge investments are done in order to develop these, the services of cloud come at a high costs initially. The costs were prohibitively costly in India in the beginning when this was initially launched. This was also the reason for its slow start. However, with time, as more clients began to take to these services and more competition ensured among the service providers, more affordable and economical cloud servers in India began to be offered.

An Innovative Approach to Offer Various Solutions

The high initial costs attracted only a limited clientele of large organizations which were able to pay for these services. A vast market of medium and small enterprises was not being tapped with these high costs. Hence, it required tailoring or customization of the cloud architectures to provide the resources at lower costs and tap into a bigger market share. The result was more innovation in the structuring of cloud architecture to ensure that the demands of affordable and economical cloud server in India are met. Hence, we could take public and private cloud servers, or, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS architectures for hosting needs.

Competition Helping Affordability

Another major factor which led to reduction in prices was that of increasing competition from more players who slowly entered in the market with their own niche products. To begin with, it took time to develop a country wide network of affiliates who could be the closest points of contact for the organizations at local level.

That process of market penetration is still going on but earlier it was very limited which pushed the costs higher. With increasing expansion and entry of more players, this has become possible for the service providers to reduce the costs.

The present situation is that many small and medium organizations have taken to cloud hosting servers. The costs are considered to be high because these are generally compared with the traditional shared and virtual private hosting. The organizations which require the benefits of the cloud server hosting are now fast switching to these services.

On-Demand Pricing is a Key Element of Affordability

The prices of cloud services are based on consumption of bandwidth. These prices are based on on-demand services. As there is more demand, the bills will inflate. Similarly, if there is less demand, the costs will reduce. Hence, there is no fixed charge which the organization has to pay irrespective of whether it is using the allotted bandwidth within a month.

Thus, this hosting is suitable for most of the businesses which do have cyclical fluctuations in demand for their products or services. This is one of the essential features of this hosting in India which is making it possible to switch to affordable and economical cloud servers in India.

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