Advantages Of Big Data Certifications In Your Career

Big data is one booming field in the IT industry that is making waves in all the sectors of business houses. And while Big Data professionals are much in demand there is a huge gap between demand and supply of big data professionals. Not because there are no big data professionals but because there is a dearth of certified big data professionals.

Yes, certified big data professionals who have certifications in big data or even have Hadoop Certifications are a rarity and that’s the reason there is a huge gap. Recruiters are quite careful in hiring professionals who are certified and have credentials from reputed institute.

Why you may ask? Why do recruiters and hiring managers insist on certifications and what are the benefits of big data certifications in the career of an individual. Let’s find out here.

Benefits Of Big Data Certifications In Your Professional Life

Certifications in general have their advantages, but with like everything else, big data certifications would be proof of your competency and would be treated with great respect in the professional life. With the ever-evolving technology, it would be treated as an asset if you would be able to complete a certification course and keep yourself abreast with the latest tools and practices in the big data field. Certifications would be your proof that you are dedicated to your profession and would always keep pace with changing face of technology.

Now coming to various big data certifications that would help you in getting the coveted jobs in the fields you want. Fields like data science, data analyst, data modeler, or even data engineering. Each of these fields require a certain skill set and certifications which when taken would open numerous doors of opportunities. But did you know that there was one certification that would help you in any of the big data field you choose and that certification is Hadoop Certifications.

Hadoop Certifications And Big Data Career

Knowledge in Hadoop framework would definitely work in your advantage if you are seeking a career in big data. Yes, Hadoop platform comes handy even in data scientist jobs and if you are a seeking a career as a big data analyst then in depth knowledge of Hadoop framework is a must. And once you have decided to have Hadoop certification, here’s how Hadoop certifications would help you in your profession.

  1. Certified Hadoop Experts would be high in demand: Did you know that in the coming years, most of the data would be processed on Hadoop platform. So if you are a certified Hadoop professional, you would be high in demand. And as a certified Hadoop Expert, you would be able to show your expertise in any big data field.
  2. Hadoop Certifications would fetch you good salary: With Hadoop Certifications, you can command good salary package because you would be adept in doing the jobs of data in any of the fields like data analyst or data scientist. Hadoop framework forms the major part of both these roles and someone adept in Hadoop with a certification would be an added benefit for the owners.
  3. Hadoop Certifications open multiple job openings: A certified big data professional is quite in demand and while certified big data analyst would need some more experience and data science certification if he wants to make a career shift in data science. But with Hadoop certifications all you need to gain the experience in data analyst and as a data science before the hiring managers start relying on you for data science work. 

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