6 Gadgets for Long Plane Journeys

Traveling long distances is a chore that I do not love very much. Sure, I love the destinations but, halfway through the flight when my phone and my kindle has run out of charge, and all I can do for entertainment is stare at the seat in front of me? That part always makes me feel terrible.

This is one of those things that haunt you no matter where you are going. Since traveling has become a passion for me now, it disturbs me more often than I would like to admit.

You see, to get to vacation rentals near Lake Como, Italy, I would need to be in a flight for hours. Which means that I would, at least for a good 3-4 hours be stuck doing nothing except empty fidgeting on my seat.

This is where my gadgets come in. Now, don’t get me wrong. I immediately dissociate from gadgets once I land. In fact, there’s nothing I hate more than someone continuously looking at their smartphones and clicking pictures when there’s so much to see.

Especially in places like Lake Como, which feels more like paradise, but, which is also incredibly compact. However, these are a few gadgets that have been my lifeline throughout long journeys, be it to Berlin or Italy.

1. A Kindle

I used to carry books on my long flights. However, I am a fast reader, and logging about three books for a vacation meant I was missing out on important things. Books are super important, but, missing out on my toiletries, or even another pair of good underwear is not worth it.

A kindle solves that woe right off the bat. I carry around ten books for a trip that last a fortnight, and I am pretty much set. What’s more, I can count on my kindle to give a long battery life, longer than my smartphone at the very least because all I am doing is reading.

If there’s one advice about Kindle I will give, its to carry a backlit one for your journey. Always having a bright light on is distracting for the fellow passengers and can cause some fights you would rather not get into.

2. A pair of noise-canceling headphones

One of the first flights in my life, when I was going to a university for a short course, was also the hardest. I had to share the seat with a continually blabbering 6-year-old, who for some odd reason found my habit of not talking amusing. From then on, I have been careful. Nothing says, “Do not Disturb” on a flight better than a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Do not skimp out on this one, go for Bose or Beats and try and get yourself the best deal. If there’s one advice I can give about choosing the best headphone, it would be to pick one that is sweat and waterproof. Chances are, you would be carrying the headphones into some beaches or bays, in either case, you must be careful of what you’re carrying.

3. A multi-port power bank

Power banks have saved my life more times than you can imagine. When you are in the middle of the Atlantic, and your phone runs out of charge, you need to have something to get your phone going. Also, it’s quite necessary when you land. Let’s face it when if your plane lands at 3 AM in the morning, you need to make some calls and book stuff. In this case, at least, a multi-port power bank is a much-needed gadget.

The multiport thing? You don’t just carry one gadget with you. Even if you are traveling light, you would have at least two devices that need charging. So, you know, get that power bank for your sake.

4. OTG Pendrive

I am an old movie connoisseur. However, I also know that most of the times I would not be able to carry tens of Blu-Ray discs with me when I travel. I also try and travel with my smaller laptop, so, a pen drive is a suitable option.

This also gives me a library of music to choose from when the smartphone’s library gets tiring. An OTG pen drive is excellent on both these counts. They provide portability and easy travel option. Also, you avoid the burdensome carrying of multiple data cables at the same time.

5. A music player

Again, multiple gadgets are more convenient in this case. I try to keep my smartphone use to a minimum because they offer very little options in terms to use, and drain of battery fast no matter how less you use them. Also, charging during layovers is not something which appeals to me much.

So, a music player which works fine with sand and water is one of the things I always keep around. Make sure, and it accepts OTG so that you can port some new music over when you get bored.

6. Ostrich Pillow

When the makers of any gadget hit Kickstarter gold, you know the device is going to be good. Ostrich pillows have been all the rage because they function with microbeads that help fit your head no matter where you are traveling. Plus, get this, they cover your head completely so, you do not have to worry about that pesky co-passenger who is looking to make small talk throughout the entire flight.

Doubling up as a pretty fancy scarf, keep this handy for exceptionally long journeys, especially ones in which you want to get some proper sleep.

And that’s it. With these gadgets, you would be plane-ready in no time. Remember to keep your baggage light and ready for travel, and get ready for a smooth flight.



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