5 Mistakes Cloud Hosting Providers should avoid in Today’s Marketplace

Scaling IT infrastructure is a practical problem, no matter whatever be the vertical, location, or size. To bring paradigm shift in the traditional way of marketing and sales, disruptive technologies such as social mobile, search engines, cloud computing, and many others are playing important role. There are now innumerable ways for consumers to restrict marketing attempts by companies. Some of the ways with which companies restrict unwanted marketing attempts include spam blockers, DVRs, caller ISs, satellite radio, and many more. With these in place, it has become very difficult for cloud hosting companies to reach their target audience. In fact, there are many common mistakes that they are making. In the following section, we will try to highlight some of those crucial mistakes that is eating into their revenue pie.


5 biggest mistakes made by best cloud hosting providers in India that needed to be avoided to improve their bottom line –

1- The first major mistake made by most of these companies is investing entire budget in a single point revenue strategy. They tend to put all eggs in a single bucket. Usually, it has been seen that companies either adopt SEO online marketing strategy or Pay Per Click advertising strategy. If one strategy fails, there’s no other strategy to hedge the risk. Therefore, it is suggested that companies should invest the investible investment in different marketing channels rather than focusing on a single one.

2- Almost all cloud hosting companies emphasise on metrics that are of secondary importance and the most popular ones are “Likes” and “Followers” increase. By giving importance to such metrics what they are missing out is the real goals. Some of the primary goal metrics that determine bottom-line of a company include impressions, click through rate, and conversion of viewers to customers, revenue growth, increase in profitability and profit margin, and many more. Therefore, the companies should set the goals correctly otherwise they will not be able to analyse effectiveness of their online marketing strategies.

3- More generally than not cloud hosting businesses fall back on strategies that are not discreetly targeted. It has been seen in many cases that categories are mentioned as “small businesses” rather than categorising them as per verticals, purposes, and others. As an online marketer gets just few seconds to convince a customer, categorising on the basis of vague categories or broad categories will not serve purpose.

4- There are many cloud hosting companies who still spend money by focusing on marketing projects that are not directly effective such as focusing on “arts and crafts projects”. However, at current scenario of marketplace, getting found early can win matches. That’s why toxic beliefs should be done away with and in place should be ushered in with productive sale as well as marketing alignment.

5- There are many cloud hosting companies, including the best ones in India, who ignore promotion and distribution efforts. Automated social media posts of quickly written content don’t serve purpose. Quality is the first thing and also the last thing of content and social media outreach. If you are still missing out on effective promotion and distribution, most of the creative and quality content created will not reach the target audience. Therefore, create a full proof promotion and distribution content marketing and other related strategies to reach the target audience and accelerate conversion of visitors to consumers.

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