5 Google SEO Patents in 2015 You Should Know About

While the search engine algorithms are tweaked and updated now and then, it is very difficult to focus on a single strategy to improve your rankings. Understanding the patents filed by Google regarding SEO can provide you with an upper hand over the others as you might be able to understand what you can expect from Google’s next update. In this article, we will discuss about 5 SEO Google patents of 2015 you should know about to have an edge over others.

Even the best SEO company in Lebanon finds it difficult to maintain the ranking of your website in this ever-changing realm of search engine optimization. While you might be working on a strategy that is finally improving your rankings and BAMM! Here comes another update from Google and you might have to start working on another strategy again.


Google is known to make about 500 to 600 minor changes in its algorithms apart from the large updates. This makes it impossible for us to become fully future-proof against these changes. However, there are certain ways through which you can keep yourself ahead in the game.

One of the best ways to do so is to keep a track of all the patents that Google files and understand the different ways in which they can affect the search in future.

Patents and Google

While Google files hundreds of patents in a year, there is no certainty that they will ever be taken into effect. Most of them are simply filed because Google thinks that they might use them in future. Many of them will never come into play, and all your hard work might seem useless.

But the best of SEO companies in Lebanon prefer keeping an eye out for these patents as they allow them to understand the areas in which Google is currently working, where SEO might be in future and how they can come up with a strategy that will not be affected by the future changes.

With that being said, let us have a look at 5 SEO patents of Google in the year 2015:

  1. Rich Content for Query Answers

– International Filing Date- 15/12/2014

-Publication Date- 09/07/15

Google has recognized that the users are not looking for web pages that can provide them with an answer to their query but for direct answers. As per this patent, Google interprets all the words that you put in a query and then converts it into an intended question. Then, it provides you with an answer that includes text, videos, images, etc.

  1. Showing Prominent Users for Information Retrieval Requests

– International Filing Date- 21/12/2012

-Publication Date- 10/11/2015

This one is more like a continuation of a patent filed by Google and published in the year 2012. It includes updated claims that take over the claims of its previous version. This new update focuses more on the authoritative rank rather than the author rank. For instance, while in the older version you were required to be connected through Google+ who might be an expert on the topic of your query.

  1. Systems and Methods for Monitoring Road Quality

-International Filing Date- 31/01/2012

-Publication Date- 18/08/2015

Google doesn’t want to stop with Google Maps and Driverless Cars in the auto industry. And this patent confirms the same. The primary purpose of this patent is to allow Google to get feedback from the users about the quality of the roads. This will then allow the users to choose a route that is perfect for their cars.

  1. Methods to Check and verify the Business Data

-International Filing Date- 24/02/2011

-Publication Date- 04/12/2015

You might have already used the Local Search option of Google in which you search for a store along with its location and Google provides you with the map to the location. With the help of this patent, Google will take it a step further. Many of the times, the stores go out of business, working hours are wrong, and many websites create multiple fraudulent addresses to get more traffic.

Banner Ads: Just Alive or Really Kicking – Every time Internet users visit a website, they often end up aggravated by a seemingly unending stream of pop up banner ads.

As per this patent, Google will use pictures to verify the location of a store, its working hours and will also match the data with the listings to ensure that the information is correct. Moreover, this will also eliminate the problem of spam listings.

  1. Watch Time for Search Algorithm

– International Filing Date- 06/03/2013

-Publication Date- 04/08/2015

As per this patent, while Google only used to count the watch time of the users for the purpose of video rankings, now they will do the same for every page whether it contains a video or not.  What will happen to the video watch time criteria for SEO is still not clear, however, Google will surely provide an update if they actually use this patent.

These are 5 Google SEO patents that were published in 2015. These patents tell us how Google is improving as a company and is working in imaginative ways to provide the best results for every query. Keep these patents in mind while creating your SEO strategy as you might see them in the form of a large update in future. Hire the best SEO company in Lebanon to get best results.

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