5 Best Contact Form 7 Extensions that Work Efficiently

The core Contact Form 7 plugin is one of the best plugins in the market and even easy to use. It might be lacking in features, compared to advanced form plugins. But its simple implementation plan and positive reputation and huge popularity, has got WordPress users to commence using the plugin.

However, after a while, as your site grows, one might find Contact Form 7 features to be lacking in various ways. One does have the option of switching to feature-rich form plugins and since it is not supposed to be the ideal step, one can enhance Contact Form 7 by installing extensions for it.


Why use Contact Form 7 Anyway?

One of the key selling points of the tool is that it does not have a price on its head and it is incredibly easy to use. One can make use of the effective prebuilt contact form for different posts and pages.

Adding the included form to your content is easy wherein one just has to copy and paste it into position. The form entries will be dispatched to the email address with your WordPress user account.

Within a few clicks, one can have a fully functional contact form on the site. One can create as many forms as you need, and then insert them as required on the website. The forms mix in right with the theme too. The absence of drag and drop form builder might prove to be a hitch for some but anyone who needs basic forms solution which is quite easy to use, the core Contact Form 7 is the way to go.

Popular Contact Form 7 Extensions

Save Contact Form 7

Save Contact Form 7 is one of the feature-rich extensions that is completely free. It adroitly keeps track of all forms created through the core Contact Form 7, and even allows a fantastic dropdown setting. One can get data populated in the form itself. The plugin is very smart and known to create names from the field names. All entries can be scanned within a single attempt.

  • Beautiful pagination of records that load one by one
  • Print filtered entries.
  • Export in PDF, CSV formats
  • Search, sort and filter entries
  • Track deleted Form’s data
  • Select from multiple forms to populate entries

Jquery Validation

This idea ensures that visitors submit validated information. The free jQuery Validation extension that delivers the ability to easily validate certain types of data.

This add-on will check URLs, dates and phone numbers and enter them in correct format. If the user makes a mistake, the form field error is instantly highlighted, thus leading to quick identification and rectification of the issue.


The MailChimp Extension is a free Form 7 extension that gives visitors the option of joining email lists or newsletters after submitting form entries.

This extension can lead visitors to keep in touch and join relevant newsletters after submitting form details.  Each form on the site can work to add users to different lists depending on the queries as necessary. The extension does have nearly 10,000 users, and most of the users have rated it on an average of 4.1 out of 5-star rating which is stupendous for the extension itself.

Success Page Redirects

This extension is an effective upgrade for Contact Form 7. The add-on will send visitors to a page of choice after form entry submissions. A success message will be displayed after the submission although there is not much that it does after that. A visitor who has expressed interest in a product is not prompted for further action.

Redirecting the user to list of popular posts, sales page, or even sending them to the homepage does make the user browse through the content.

City Field Extension

The Contact Form 7 City Field Extension just appends the city field to the form so that the user is hooked through the Google Maps API and knows exactly about the location. After typing in the name of a city, the field is auto-completed which means that there is ease of access for the user and even hassle-free form entry.

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