30 Video Marketing Predictions That Might Happen This 2017

In today’s era, the attention span of consumers in watching videos is longer than text and image-based content. It is how video marketing was used mostly by various brands. The 2016 video marketing trends are changing the game of brand promotion. What about this 2017? There is no doubt that there will be tons of surprises for brands who want to take advantage of the latest video marketing trends today.

Without further ado, here are the thirty predictions for video marketing that could happen this 2017:


1 – Brands seem to struggle in keeping up with their organic search traffic. They are starting to pay for some targeted traffic to social media sites.


2 – Building email lists is one strategy that businesses are going to do instead of paid media.


3 – Facebook Live is on the rise. It enhances the popularity of Facebook videos, and a great tool to interact with customers. This year, you will expect more live broadcasts..


4 – Expect more engaging videos in sending emails to customers in promoting a product or service.


5 – Chatbots are now popular and provides a better relationship with the customers.


6 – Multi-channel marketing is growing this year, which opens the door for brands to have a lot of choices in promoting their products or service on various social networks.


7 – Building trust is essential to video marketers. Live videos are one way for brands to do that.


8 – Expired content is going to be a part of video marketing through social media.


9 – Customers are looking for some helpful information, and brands are starting to offer relevant content to them


10 – With the rise of VR technology, social media marketers are starting to use virtual reality headsets due to its accessibility.


11 – Video influences a buyer to take a decision about purchasing the product. To increase sales of any product or service, more and more resources will be needed by the sales team.


12 – In 2017, expect in the future that marketing videos are going to be entertaining and informative.


13 – Several advertising platforms on the internet are going to be smarter than ever.


14 – The rise of social influencers are going to happen this 2017.


15 – Video marketers who are using social media for promoting their brand are growing.


16 – With the growth of automated digital marketing, it’s going to be used by marketers to send relevant content to their consumers.


17 – For all internet marketers, automated tools for marketing are becoming essential for them. Aside from that, those tools are cheaper and smarter than you’ve ever imagined.


18 – Consumers prefer more videos than text and image-based content in looking for some information.


19 – Mobile marketing is also popular in today’s generation. Expect that brands are going to make video content mobile-friendly.


20 – There’s no point of saturation in using Youtube as the leading video platform. Using a Youtube views provider, it gives brands a head start in gaining early exposure.


21 – Live event marketing continues to boom these days. Brands are starting to take advantage of this strategy in promoting their products and services.


22 – Animated GIFs are used more and more by consumers. Companies are starting to use this as part of their strategy to increase their exposure.


23 – When it comes to video marketing, they’re going to shift to mobile and digital channels once and for all.


24 – Various video marketers are going to prioritize their content for mobile traffic. They see bigger potential in this traffic source, especially if they’re promoting videos.


25 – Brands who are promoting themselves using the storytelling method is going to rely more on social media live streaming.


26 – The popularity of Periscope and other apps for live streaming are going to increase from time to time.


27 – Short videos convert more than long videos this 2017. Brands are starting to do this practice.


28 – New and existing websites are going to have videos in their homepages.


29 – Brands are starting to avoid autoplay for their videos.


30 – Personalizing the video content of a brand is going to be in demand nowadays.


As videos are booming right now, there’s a chance that consumers will gain their interest more than just text and images. As a result, you will experience higher conversions in getting leads and sales to your products and services with the presence of videos on your social media or website content. Once you take advantage of the latest video marketing trends of 2017, there is no doubt that this is going to lead your way towards success.

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