10 Fresh Web Design Tools To Get acquainted With in 2016

In recent months, the websites saw a remarkable growth in terms of themes and layouts. We have designing tools for your websites. Whether it be apps or sites, they simplify and speed up the way you work.

No matter you’re a web designer seeking efficient ways to build prototypes for freelancing or for your client or a website owner who wish to share ideas with developers and designers, these tools will definitely make your life easier. Some of the tools described below are the basic tools that easily allow you to sketch out a rough design for a project. The more advanced tools allow you to add animations, interactive features and much more to your prototypes. With some of the tools, you have option to export your mockups to various devices for live testing.untitled

These tools offer a good selection of powerful features that makes it easy to discuss, share and present your designs. website design adelaide offers an innovative collection of the best web design tools in 2016 that can improve your work process with web design prototypes, sketches, wireframes and the way you collaborate with your team and clients.

Some of the tools mentioned below are new while some are established apps that you might have missed or not have tried. These options cover a range of price options where some are fully free tools and others are premium apps available on monthly subscriptions.

So, no matter what is your budget or need, you’ll definitely come up with a design tool from this collection that suits your plan and improves your work flow and help you show your ideas on the screen in a reduced time.

  1. Pixate: Pixate is an app that helps creating interactive and intuitive prototypes for ios and android. What makes it stand apart is it’s drag and drop animation and interaction panel. It helps you to build asset library quickly. To start creating your prototype just drag-drop your assets into app and you will view them in the layers panel ready to use. Each part of the app is carefully designed to make it easy to understand.
  1. Avocode: Avocode is an extremely easy way for developers to code apps and websites from Photoshop or Sketch designs. What makes it really special is that you can use Photoshop plugin to sync your PSD in Avocode with a single click.
  1. Sketch: Sketch was launched with a vision to build an app for the modern digital designer. Since it’s interception it has gained massive following. The latest version has powerful features such as symbols, improved exporting and simplified vector modes.
  1. UXPin: UXPin is a wireframing and prototyping tool that can be used to create rapid low-fidelity wireframes just as easily as high-fidelity interactive prototypes. To get started, just add a button and you’ll be guided with easy and effective ways to use that element button.
  1. Affinity: Affinity is an incredibly well designed app dedicated to web and graphics design tool. In addition to Undo and History options, it is especially useful while working with vector art. It is a real competitor to Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.
  1. Marvel: Marvel is a code-free prototyping tool      that helps to transform images and sketches into interactive prototypes that look and feel like real websites and apps. Once you get started, you are asked to connect to your dropbox, that allows to grab the files it needs to create your project. It gets your PSDs in place and now you can use Marvel’s beautifully designed UI to link your pages together. Besides, it has some other features like creating transitions between links and pages, preview their appearance, choosing the project’s environment.
  1. Webflow: Webflow is a web app to design production-ready sites without coding. There’s all a drag-drop thing with it’s features so there’s not much that you need to create. It also allows you to publish and host your site on a monthly payment basis.
  1. Form: Form is a prototyping tool where there is no tools or layers palette and it is a mix of design and code. Designers can directly work on the production side of app and the engineers can focus on the complex problems.
  1. Antetype: Antetype is a new to create fully responsive UIs for apps and sites. Once you download, you get a widget library to quickly create prototypes and start designing. It is ideal for presenting ideas to clients.
  1. Macaw: Macaw was build with an aim to create responsive designs that flow across all the devices without touching any code. It is simple to design with webflow and works pretty well. Macaw has a code magic; the code the app produces is well constructed and semantic.

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